Work Placement

As a part of a module in my university curriculum, I had to do 1-2 weeks of work experience/placement. This creates an opportunity to put something relevant on our CV’s to appeal to future employers, as well as teaching us important lessons and tricks of the trade that simply cannot be taught sat down in a seminar. 

I was very nervous about this part of the course, as some of you may know yourselves, university can create this strange bubble around you - it’s mimicking aspects of real life whilst being far from it. This was stepping back into the unknown and become “professional” (daunting, after basically creating your own schedule and only wearing oversized flannel shirts). 

However, in all honestly, I wish I didn’t waste my time worrying. I felt as though my week couldn’t have gone any better. The two gentlemen I worked with were friendly, professional, kind, patient, and would not hesitate to spare more and more of their time to teach me any tips or knowledge they had gained through their 15 years of experience each. 

I was treated to assisting or photographing various different jobs, and met a range of people, clients and students along the way. I went to such a variety of different locations there really wasn’t a dull moment. 

It was a great opportunity and I am hopeful to take the skills I learnt forward into my future as a photographer. 

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